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Project Description

"Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit Behavior Extensions" is a project made as an extension to the existing "Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone". This project contains behaviors which can be used by designers to set page transitions or the tilt effect without writing any xaml.

Behaviors currently available

  • EnableTiltEffectBehavior
  • SuppressTiltBehavior
  • TransitionRollInBehavior
  • TransitionRollOutBehavior
  • TransitionRotateInBehavior
  • TransitionRotateOutBehavior
  • TransitionSlideInBehavior
  • TransitionSlideOutBehavior
  • TransitionSwivelInBehavior
  • TransitionSwivelOutBehavior
  • TransitionTurnstileInBehavior
  • TransitionTurnstileOutBehavior

Get started

download the latest release and reference the installed .dll file in your project. Open Expression Blend and drag one of the transition behaviors or the tilt effect behavior on your page. Build the project and you're ready to go!

More info:

More information on how to use the Silverlight toolkit transitions as behaviors read my blogpost here:

more info:

Contact details

This project is created by Geert van der Cruijsen.
contact me on Twitter @geertvdc if you have any feedback or questions.

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